Coatings for Special Effects

Mirotone has a range of specialty coatings and additives that can be used to create special effects such as metallic, pearls and textured coatings.

MIROTHANE PU 5640 2K Metallic / Pearlescent Tint Base

Data Sheet
A two pack polyurethane metallic / pearlescent tint base suitable for application to wood, MDF, melamine, glass, metal and plastic.

MIROTEX 3934 / 3937 Universal Texture Additive

Data Sheet
A versatile additive that can be added to MIROLAC NC, MIROBILD AC and MIROTHANE PU topcoats to create a textured effect.

MIROPEARL 3950 / 3957 Pearlescent Additive

Data Sheet
May be added to MIROBILD AC and MIROTHANE PU clear topcoats to create pearlescent effects.