Keep your Furniture & Fittings looking newer for longer with these handy tips!

Jan 16, 2024 | News

Are you looking at that new piece of furniture you have just bought or marvelling at the brand new kitchen that you have just installed? Wondering how long it will before that showroom new feel disappears? That’s a common question we get asked all the time here at Mirotone.

Mirotone has been protecting quality pieces of furniture like yours for over 80 years. Our research & development department spends countless hours testing our coatings to ensure the quality and durability of the finish. Follow these three easy cleaning tips to maintain that “new look” feel for your furniture, kitchen or other articles coated in Mirotone coatings.


Light Cleaning: Use a soft dry microfibre cloth or feather duster. All spills should be cleaned immediately.

General Cleaning: Use a microfibre cloth and mild detergent. Remove residual detergent with a damp cloth. Dry the surface with a clean dry cloth to remove all water and to reduce streaking.

2. Subdued Gloss Surface (Satin or Semi Gloss)

SPRAYGLOW furniture polish may be used to preserve a deep lustrous, no shine glow. Silicone free it is specially formulated with just the right blend of natural oils and waxes to enrich the coating.

MIROWAX Wood Finishing Wax is a natural wax polish that produces a low gloss finish. Silicone free and non-toxic it may be used on Children’s furniture and toys.

3. Protection

To avoid surface damage make sure you protect the surface e.g. use placemats, coasters, tablecloths or other protective coverings.

Like anything, putting the extra effort in will ensure your furniture & fittings will last for many years. To learn more about protecting your furniture & fittings Contact Us.