What colours and designs will be trending in 2019

What colours and designs will be trending in 2019

This year is all about refreshing your cooking space. Whether you are planning to remodel your kitchen or just curious about what’s trending – there’s a whole host of options for 2019. Here’s what you can expect

1. The anti-kitchen trend: Clever & concealed

Clever cabinetry designed to hide appliances and storage solutions to give the illusion of concealed and clean integration.


2. Black Kitchens: Mixing black cabinetry with black steel

Dark dramatic shades of black, especially matt black. Black kitchens have the power to instantly transform any space to look sleeker and feel modern. Pairing black cabinetry with black stainless steel produces a shimmering effect while seamlessly integrating with surrounding colours and spaces.


3. Modular Kitchens: No space, no problems

Maximising kitchen space with modular kitchens to suit your daily needs. Smaller homes and busy lives have seen a rise in modular styles.


4. Coloured Cabinetry: Statement colours

Make a statement and create a mood with cabinetry punctuated by moody greys, deep or grey washed blues, light khaki and green shades such as olive and hunter green. These colour palettes pair beautifully with fixtures and hardware in brass and contrasting metals. Adding pops of wood instantly transform the space to welcoming, warm and cosy.


With a rise in rich, dark and luxurious colours for kitchen cabinetry in 2019, you need a polyurethane coating you can trust!

MIROTHANE PU 5673 Fast Cure Pigmented Topcoat, as the name suggests is a rapid drying, user friendly, fast curing polyurethane. Available in all gloss levels (Matt, Satin, Semi-Gloss and Full Gloss), MIROTHANE PU 5673 is also available in an extensive colour range and can be tinted to a colour sample.

MIROTHANE PU 5673 fast coating system will mean your polyurethane coated kitchen will dry quickly, and be able to be packed and shipped the next day for installation – so there is no need for extensive delays due to drying.

Once installed you can expect MIROTHANE PU 5673 to have excellent resistance to general household contaminants, and excellent resistance to marring and scuffing ensuring your cabinetry will look as good as when you first installed them.

So if you are thinking of refreshing your kitchen this year with statement colours, insist on Mirotone’s MIROTHANE PU 5673 Fast Cure Pigmented Topcoat.

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