There is a reason Mirotone has been in business for 80 Years!

There is a reason Mirotone has been in business for 80 Years!

Most people do not give a second thought about the coating that is applied to their kitchen, bathroom cabinets, dining tables or even bedroom furniture.

But did you know not all coatings are the same…

Mirotone has been in business since 1938, so we know a few things about coatings! Years of experience, R&D testing, technical service and field work has enabled us to perfect our formulas and offer only the best products and services to our valued customers.

Mirotone prides itself in offering only superior products that are durable and will beautify any substrate our coatings have been applied to.

Check out some of our high profile projects our coatings have been used in by clicking the link below…


With a clear commitment to our customers we endeavour to supply trusted products, and give exceptional service with our sales and technical people working with you as your trusted advisor in all things coatings.

So next time you are looking for a new vanity for your bathroom, kitchen cupboards or dining room furniture, ask the supplier is this a Mirotone coating.

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