MIROCAT PC Pre-catalysed Lacquers

Mirotone produces a complete range of high quality precatalysed lacquers.

Ideal applications: domestic furniture, internal doors, children’s toys and furniture, picture frames, musical instruments and antique restoration.

MIROCAT PC 3241 Clear Sealer

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An economical, fast drying, easy to sand clear sealer. Can be applied over dark timbers or stains enhancing the natural colours without clouding the finished appearance.

MIROCAT PC 3242 Clear Sealer

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A universal sealer for MDF, solid wood and veneer. It has been specifically formulated to supress wax extraction in MDF. Superior build means that the number of coats can be kept to a minimum. Fast dry and excellent free sanding mean reduced down time between coats.

MIROCAT PC 3244 Clear Sealer

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A high performance single pack clear precatalysed sanding sealer. Extremely rapid drying, superior levelling and excellent free sanding properties ensure reduced time between coats, whilst the superior build reduces the number of coats required.

MIROCAT PC 3210 Clear Topcoat

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A ready for use (RFU), easy to apply coating with silky smooth slip and feel. It is available in Satin (30%) and Semi Gloss (60%) in 20 litre pack sizes.

MIROCAT PC 3220 Clear Topcoat

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An easy to apply coating that will supply a velvet smooth high build finish when applied as directed. It has been formulated to give a full finish, combined with excellent surface hardness, minimal bubbling and excellent flow. Available in Full Gloss, Semi Gloss (60%), Satin (30%) & Matt (10%) gloss levels.

MIROSHIELD 3900 UV Absorber Additive

Contains a sophisticated package of UV absorbers and light stabilisers that have been proven highly effective in protecting reconstituted, dyed and natural wood veneers from colour change when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light.