Mirotone Aftercare Products

Mirotone produces a range of aftercare and ancillary products for wood repair and furniture restoration. This range of effective yet easy-to-use products complement Mirotone’s range of interior wood coatings.

MIROWAX 735 - Wax Sticks

Non-silicone instant repair timber wax putty sticks are ideal for the repair of minor scratches and surface defects on furniture. Unlike other water or solvent-based putties, MIROWAX 735 is quick and easy-to-use and can be recoated or polished immediately after use. As these sticks are made entirely from wax, they have an indefinite shelf life.

MIROWAX 738 - Finishing Wax

An environmentally friendly wax polish designed to clean, seal and protect while providing a protective, heat and alcohol resistant coating. Made from a blend of beeswax and tree oils, MIROWAX 738 is a multi-purpose finishing wax that is both non-flammable, non-toxic and may be used on children's furniture.

Suitable for use on varnish, single pack lacquer, shellac and raw timber. This natural wax finish is designed to produce a low gloss lustre on teak or where the appearance of natural timbers is to be enhanced. It may be applied with a soft rag, steel wool or sprayed when diluted with mineral turpentine.

Spray Glow

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A lightly perfumed, silicone-free furniture polish which has been specifically formulated to clean and protect both lacquered and unlacquered wooden articles. Spray Glow is also fully recoatable, which means the existing lacquer finish does not have to be stripped back to allow new lacquers to be applied, as is required when using polishes containing silicone.

Spray Glow is suitable for cleaning and protecting any low gloss surface, including laminated bench tops and cupboards.


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A pre-catalysed, solvent-based, durable, clear finish which is ideal for the repair of scratches and surface defects on lacquered furniture. Simply spray from the easy-to-use aerosol can and scratches disappear with no mess and no brush marks. Spraylac is also handy for finishing off small or intricate wooden articles that require a lacquered finish.