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MIROWAX 738 Finishing Wax

An environmentally friendly wax polish designed to clean, seal and protect while providing a protective, heat and alcohol resistant coating. Made from a blend of beeswax and tree oils, MIROWAX 738 is a multi-purpose finishing wax that is both non-flammable, non-toxic and may be used on children’s furniture. Suitable for use on varnish, single pack lacquer, shellac and raw timber. This natural wax finish is designed to produce a low gloss lustre on teak or where the appearance of natural timbers is to be enhanced. It may be applied with a soft rag, steel wool or sprayed when diluted with mineral turpentine.

Mineral Turps
750gram & 3kg can
Product Code
  1. Wipe - Soak steek wool (00 or 000 grade) with MIROWAX 738 mixed with 1:1 mineral turps. Rub in the direction of the grain to a smooth finish. Remove excess with a clean soft lint free cloth.
  2. Spray - Lightly denib the surface with 400 grit sandpaper. Dilute MIROWAX 738 1 part to 2-3 parts mineral turps. Spray a light coat over the surface. Remove excess with a soft lint free cloth.
  • Children's toys, furniture, trophey bases & carved ornaments and articles.