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MIROTHANE PU 5640 2K Metallic / Pearlecent Tint Base

MIROTHANE PU 5640 is a fast drying, two pack polyurethane metallic / pearlescent tint base.

  • Fast drying
  • Easy to apply
  • Excellent adhesion to MDF, LPM and glass (when cleaned with MIROLOK 3508 Glass Cleand & Prime)
  • Metallic available in medium (3940) or Coarse (3944)
  • Pearlescent available in Fine (3950) or Coarse (3957)
Standard colour range
Vertical Hold Up
Very Good
Solvent Resistance
Very Good
Water Resistance
Levelling & Flow
Sink Back
13m2 per litre at 75 micron wet film build. This is dependent on the application equipment / gun set up and the article being coated
Dry Time
Refer to Technical Data Sheet
Clean Up
Clean all equipment using MIROSOL 1222 or 1286 Thinner
Product Code
  1. Suction Gun - Use 1.5 to 2mm (59-79 thou) orifice with 350-400kpa (50-55 psi).
  2. Pressure Pot - Use 1.5 to 2mm (59-79 thou) orifice with pressure pot air-cap. Gun pressure 350-400kpa (50-55 psi) and a pot pressure of 45kpa (6 psi) max.
  3. Airless Spray - Use 0.23 to 0.33mm (9-13 thou) orifice, 15cm fan (dependent on job) with regulated pump pressure of 350-400kpa (50-55 psi).
  4. Air Mix Guns - Settings similar to airless spray with the air-assisted regulator pressure at 70-90kpa (10-15psi).
  • Kitchen and bathroom cabinets, wall panelling, commercial furniture and fit-outs, glass splashbacks, glass furniture, metal furniture and automotive.