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MIROSTAIN 2010 Dye Stain – Medium to Fast Dry (Solvent Based)

MIROSTAIN 2010 is a non grain raising interior wood stain designed to provide colour with excellent clarity without masking the grain figure or specialty veneer features. Apply by spray or wipe.

  • Universal application, can be applied by spraying or wiping
  • Medium to fast dry speed, makes it easy to wipe off resulting in a uniform colour
  • Excellent light stability for a dye stain thereby providing more consistent and fade resistant colours
  • Can be added to MIROCAT PC and MIROBILD AC Clear Coatings for toning and shading to improve colour, depth and consistency
Colour (Tint Strength)
TV - Ultra String Tint TX - Strong Tint TY - Medium Tint TZ - Light Tint
Primary Colours
#5000 yellow #5067 Orange #7000 Red #7270 Crimson #8000 Blue #9999 Black
The coverage is determined by the application method and the strength of colour required
Dry Time
Refer to Technical Data Sheet
Clean Up
Clean all equipment using 1222 or 1286 Thinner
4L, 20L, 60L & 205L
Product Code
  1. Pad or Rag - Use a clean lint free cloth, apply in even strokes.
  2. Suction Gun - Use 1.5mm (59 thou) orifice with 280kpa (35 psi). It is important not to apply MIROSTAIN above this pressure to avoid dark or blotchy discolouration.
  3. Pressure Pot - Use 1mm orifice with pressure pot air-cap. Gun pressure 280kpa (35 psi) and a pot pressure of 16kpa (2 psi) max.
  4. Airless Spray - Contact Mirotone’s Technical department.
  5. Air Mix Guns - Contact Mirotone’s Technical department.
  • Interior use only. Pine furniture, architraves and skirting boards, internal doors, built-in wardrobes and joinery and fixtures.