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MIROPEARL 3950 / 3957 Pearlescent Additive

MIROPEARL 3950 and 3957 pearlescent additives have been designed to be added to Mirotone’s clear MIROBILD AC and MIROTHANE PU topcoats. Sparkling and luminous effects can be created by topcoating a solid colour with a clear pearlescent topcoat. MIROPEARL is available in 3950 (Fine) and 3957 (Coarse).

Product Code
3950-01 (Fine Additive) 3957-01 (Coarse Additive)
  1. Wood/MDF/Melamine - If the coloured topcoat has been allowed to dry for longer than 6 hours for MIROBILD AC or 8 hours for MIROTHANE PU topcoats then sand with 400 grit sand paper to ensure adequate inter-coat adhesion. Apply in a two or three pass cross hatch method over the prepared surface to achieve a uniform wet coat.
  2. Glass - Clean the glass with MIROLOK 3508 Glass Clean and Prime per directions on the data sheet. Apply a coat of MIROTHANE PU 5650 2K Pearlescent Tint Base either 3950 (Fine) or 3957 (Coarse). Then topcoat either MIROTHANE PU 5605 Full Gloss mixed 2A:1B with PU 5789 Part B Hardener or MIROTHANE PU 5650 Full Gloss or Satin mixed 1:1B with PU 5780 or 2A:1B with PU 5789 Part B Hardener.
  • Any application where a pearlescent finish is required. Check suitability of topcoat for end use application.