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MIROMET Aerosols

Our range of MIROMET Aerosols have all the protection and performance you have come to expect with Mirotone Coatings. Our MIROMET Aerosol range includes:

White,. Grey & Black
Primer, Undercoat & Topcoat
Approximately 2 square metres per can depending on the colour
300 gram aerosol can
  1. The nozzle produces a fan shaped spray similar to a professional spray gun. Spray with smooth, even horizontal strokes about 10-15cm from the job. Apply until coverage is obtained. In cold weather warm can to room temperature for optimum spraying performance. Touch dry in 20-30 minutes but allow overnight drying before handling. If second coat is required, recoat within 10-15 minutes or after 24 hours. If in doubt, test in a non-critical area.
  • Touch ups