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MIROLAC NC 3150 Pigmented Topcoat

MIROLAC NC 3150 is a user friendly, single pack, pigmented topcoat ideal for furniture and fixtures. It´s easy to apply, fast drying and results in a velvet smooth high build finish. May be applied over MIROLAC NC 3125 when a phthalate free system is required.

  • Easy to use to achieve an excellent finish with minimal effort or expertise
  • Excellent build reduces the number of topcoats required
  • Single pack, no pot life issues to manage
  • Formaldehyde free, safer for the applicator, zero formaldehyde emissions in rooms in which articles are  installed
  • Phthalate free, ideal for children’s toys and furniture
White, matched to colour on request
Matt (10%), Satin (30%), Semi Gloss (60%) & Full Gloss
Vertical Hold Up
Solvent Resistance
Water Resistance
Levelling & Flow
Very Good
Sink Back
8m2 per litre at 125 micron wet film build. This is dependent on the application equipment / gun set up and the article being coated
Dry Time
Refer to Technical Data Sheet
Clean Up
Clean all equipment using MIROSOL 1222 or 1286 Thinner
4L & 20L
Product Code
3150-1 (Matt 10%) 3150-3 (Satin 30%) 3150-6 (Semi Gloss 60%) 3150-9 (Full Gloss)
  1. Suction Gun - Use 1.5 to 2mm (59-79 thou) orifice with 350-400kpa (50-55 psi).
  2. Pressure Pot - Use 1.5 to 2mm (59-79 thou) orifice with pressure pot air-cap. Gun pressure 350-400kpa (50-55 psi) and a pot pressure of 45kpa (6 psi) max.
  3. Airless Spray - Use 0.23 to 0.33mm (9-13 thou) orifice, 15cm fan (dependent on job) with regulated pump pressure of 350-400kpa (50-55 psi).
  4. Air Mix Guns - Settings similar to airless spray with the air-assisted regulator pressure at 70-90kpa (10-15psi).
  • Interior use only. Ideal for domestic furniture, internal doors, children’s toys and furniture and built in wardrobes.