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MIROLAC NC 3121 Universal White Undercoat

MIROLAC NC 3121 is an economical, single pack, pigmented undercoat for internal wood and medium density fireboard (MDF). It is fast drying with excellent sanding properties. Ideal for curtain coating and high volume coating applications.

  • Easy to sand, powders easily, reducing sanding time
  • Fast drying enables increased production throughput
  • Single pack, no pot life issues to manage
  • Formaldehyde free, safer for the applicator, zero formaldehyde emissions in rooms in which articles are installed
Very Good
Vertical Hold Up
Very Good
Solvent Resistance
Resists splash and spillage of mineral tups but has poor resistance to industrial solvents
Water Resistance
Levlling & Flow
Sink Back
6m2 per litre at 150 micron wet film build. This is dependent on the application equipment / gun set up and the article being coated.
Dry Time
Refer to Technical Data Sheet
Clean Up
Clean all equipment using MIROSOL 1222 or 1286 Thinner
Product Code
  1. Suction Gun - Use 1.5 to 2mm (59-79 thou) orifice with 350-400kpa (50-55 psi).
  2. Pressure Pot - Use 1.5 to 2mm (59-79 thou) orifice with pressure pot air-cap. Gun pressure 350-400kpa (50-55 psi) and a pot pressure of 45kpa (6 psi) max.
  3. Airless Spray - Use 0.23 to 0.33mm (9-13 thou) orifice, 15cm fan (dependent on job) with regulated pump pressure of 350-400kpa (50-55 psi).
  4. Air Mix Guns - Settings similar to airless spray with the air-assisted regulator pressure at 70-90kpa (10-15psi).
  5. Curtain Coater - 40-60 seconds viscosity with applied wet film thickness of 150 microns.
  6. Electrostatic Spray - Consult supplier’s directions for correct voltage settings and earthing procedure.
  • Interior use only. Ideal for domestic furniture, internal doors, children’s toys and furniture, picture frames, musical instruments, MDF building products and peg boards for display areas. When top coated with MIROBILD AC topcoats or MIROTHANE PU topcoats this product may be used on kitchen cabinets and commercial furniture.