Mirotone’s range of clear topcoats will protect your timber’s natural finish

Clear, two pack, acrylic polyurethane

Mirotone’s range of clear topcoats will protect your timber’s natural finish

After investing a lot of time and effort in specifying a timber veneer for your project, it is essential to finish it with an appropriate acrylic polyurethane. This will serve to protect the timber’s natural appearance for as long as possible especially if the veneer is exposed to UV light.

It is a known fact that all veneers will change colour over time, especially when exposed to direct sunlight. The visible colour changes you will notice depends on two factors:

  1. The amount of UV light the timber veneer is exposed too and
  2. The closer the timber veneer is to UV light exposure the more noticeable the change in appearance.

It is vital to understand that any protective clear acrylic coating will not completely eliminate wood discoloration in timber veneers when exposed to UV light. However, there are coatings that contain UV absorbing additives such as Mirotone’s MIROTHANE PU 5577 Sun-Shield Clear Topcoat and MIROTHANE PU 5578 Clear Natural Topcoat are highly effective in protecting reconstituted, dyed and natural wood veneers from colour changes when exposed to UV light.

Any coating on the market that does not contain UV absorbing additives may not offer the appropriate protection for your timber veneers, leaving the timber open to UV discolouration that may result in colour change and degradation of the coating. The last thing you want to happen especially when you have just achieved the look you want for your home or project!

Mirotone’s range of UV timber protection coatings, especially subdued gloss finishes are highly resistant to unsightly oily finger prints. Fingerprints can be removed with a clean lint free cloth without leaving residual glossy spots, particularly important when applying a clear matt topcoat over a dark base.

MIROTHANE Clear Natural topcoats can be applied over range of interior surfaces such as reconstituted, dyed and natural wood veneers, kitchen cupboards, wall panelling, furniture-table topcoat, bench tops, commercial fit-outs, window furnishings and blinds. Semi exterior surfaces include covered entry doors and internal faces of opening windows.

MIROTHANE PU 5577 Sun-Shield is a high solids, acrylic polyurethane, clear topcoat and requires less coating during the application process to achieve a full finish. It is available in a full range of gloss levels including matt, satin and a full gloss finish.

MIROTHANE PU 5578 Topcoat is a fast drying, mould resistant (under normal atmospheric conditions), clear natural topcoat that is available in matt (5%) and gloss (20%) finish.

Mirotone’s range of clear topcoats are highly effective UV protective coatings for all your veneers and veneered products and will help to ensure your timber veneers last the test of time.

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Take look where MIROTHANE PU 5578 Clear Natural Topcoat was used in 530 Collins.

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