Mirotone, Expert Colour Matchers

Mirotone, Expert Colour Matchers

We all know how important it is to get the right colour every time, especially when we are matching polyurethane and stain colours.

Our colour matching department matches hundreds of colours a day and close enough is not good enough! Accurate colour matching is essential, especially if you underestimate the amount of paint you require for a job and need more! Don’t be fooled and trust anyone to do this…

Colour matchers can come across may obstacles including sample variations, colour standards, colour name changes and even *metamerism.

If we cannot find the colour you require matched in our system, we use a spectrophotometer. A spectrophotometer works by shining a light onto a surface and electronically measuring the colour of the surface. The spectrophotometer is then able to calculate the various pigments in a colour to produce an exact colour match, thus removing the chance of human error. All we need is a clean sample of the colour you require! The sample should ideally be smooth in texture and free of marks, this avoids shadowing and the risk of the spectrophotometer reading a darker colour. Examples of samples include paint chips, doors or timber off cuts.

Once we have matched your colour we will spray out that colour on a colour card. Our expert colour matchers have been precisely trained to critically eye match and pick up the smallest variances and correct the colour if it is required. We then give you a unique batch number and colour name, and record this on our system so it is there should you need to order the colour again in the future.

What you need to remember:

Some sample colour cards, chips and paint swatches may not always be the same. Printed samples can vary from batch to batch on a print run. Paint manufactures also seasonally update colours. This means they may release newer versions of the same colours from year-to-year. It is important to know that even though paint manufacturers may call a colour the same name – it could be a completely different colour. Remember if you have a sample colour, make sure you provide the company name with the colour. And, finally once you receive your paint make sure you test the colour yourself and are satisfied before you start the job. Follow this with recording the colour name and batch number for your own records.

Trust only the Mirotone experts to colour match your colours – 80 years of experience can’t be wrong!

*Metarmerism: A perceived matching of colours with different (non matching) spectral power distributions.

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