MIROTEC WB 8060 Clear Water Based Coatings – Product highlight

water based coatings

MIROTEC WB 8060 Clear Water Based Coatings – Product highlight

How to use MIROTEC WB 8060 Water Based Coatings to achieve Green Star rating.

Mirotone’s range of easy to use, single pack, low VOC water based coatings are safer for both the applicator and the environment.

Whether your application is for light duty environments such as domestic furniture, children’s toys and furniture, picture frames, musical instruments, antique restoration and wall paneling or for heavy duty end use like bar and table tops, bathroom vanities and commercial work, Mirotone has a coating system to suit your needs.

MIROTEC WB 8060 Clear Topcoat is an easy to use water based topcoat that is water white and low yellowing, making it ideal for use over blonde timbers and liming stains. Being low VOC it has also helped many of our customers to achieve the criteria required for the Green Star rating they are working towards, as it complies with the Green Building Council Australia: Green Star – Office Design v 3 & Office As Built, Table IEQ – 13.1 Maximum TVOC Content Limits for Paints, Varnishes and Protective Coatings.

MIROTEC WB 8060 has also been Fire Rating tested and is classified as a Group 1 material (In accordance with Specification A2.4 of the Building Code of Australia). (Average specific extinction area: 139.1 m2/kg. Refer to Specification C1.10 section 4(c) of the Building Code of Australia.

Visit our projects section to see two examples of MIROTEC WB 8060 Clear Topcoat in use; The University of Queensland and The Supreme Court in Wellington.

For more information on our water based coatings click here

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