Metal Cabinets

This tough coating system is designed to protect interior metal cabinets and furniture against general day-to-day cleaning requirements and wear and tear. MIROKEY VY 6615 Etch Primer provides superior adhesion to a wide range of metals, and can be over coated with MIROBILD AC 3770 Topcoat in any colour, and choice of three gloss levels. This rapid dry coating system provides a durable finish for all metal furniture and allows applicators to recoat metal pieces and have them back in service the same day if required. MIROKEY VY 6615 and MIROILD AC 3770 can be used to refurbish or coat interior metal filing cabinets, chairs, tables, storage units and frames.


MIROKEY 6615 Metal Primer

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Is a high performance, zinc phosphate etch primer specifically designed for direct application over mild steel, zinc-anneal, chrome, brass, copper, lead and lead alloys, stainless steel, aluminum and galvanised iron. It is single pack, easy to use and fast drying. It provides excellent adhesion to prepared surfaces and has proven corrosion resistance.

MIROBILD AC 3770 Pigmented Topcoat

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A high solids, fast drying, pigmented, two-pack acid catalysed coating. Aromatic free and low formaldehyde. It provides superior physical properties and chemical resistance when compared to single pack lacquer coatings. Availbale in satin, semi-gloss and full gloss.