Iridea Interior Coatings

Iridea Interior Coatings

Introducing SOFTTOUCH Transparent 2K Water Based Topcoats

Mirotone is excited to introduce you to the Iridea water based range of ICA coatings. This range includes both transparent and pigmented water based coatings to suit any style.

SOFTTOUCH Clear 2K water based finishes have low VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) that comply with strict world regulations for the reduction of solvent based emissions, thus providing a result that is tantamount to a solvent based finish with far less VOC’s emitted to the atmosphere.

SOFTTOUCH is an ideal choice for anyone who is looking for a durable coating that is eco friendly, low odour and fashionable.

Key features of SOFTTOUCH are:

  1. Extremely smooth feel
  2. Outstanding even matt effect
  3. Excellent scratch resistance
  4. Anti-glare surface properties
  5. Excellent resistance to yellowing
  6. Good chemical resistance

For more information on SOFTOUCH Transparent 2K Water Based Top Coats contact your local Mirotone sales representative.

Click on the projects below to see how SOFTTOUCH can transform your room.

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