ICA GP Series – Environmental, State of the Art Coatings for Glass

ICA GP Series – Environmental, State of the Art Coatings for Glass

As the sole distributor of high performance Italian coatings (ICA group of Italy), Mirotone is excited to announce the launch of the ICA Glass Paint Series in Australia; it includes water based coatings and a unique tintometric system that allows you to add value to glass by providing beauty, colour, texture and enhanced safety.

Considerable experience gained by ICA Group’s Research & Development laboratories has led to the development of an innovative, high quality and low environmental impact range of coatings for both flat and hollow glass.

The system enables users to produce an unrivalled array of colours, effects and textures, whilst delivering excellent performance proven under stringent testing; testimonials from users claim that this is the first time that the market has access to this level of adhesion, chemical & physical resistance and light stability, while being user friendly and versatile.

Low VOC (volatile organic compounds) and non- flammable, these coatings are ideal for applications where there are limitations on solvent emissions. ICA GP Series is well below the VOC limits for the Green Star Rating Office Design v3 & Office As Built, Table IEQ-13.1 Maximum TVOC Content Limits for Paints, Varnishes and Protective Coatings.

The range includes a limitless choice of colours, both solid and metallic, as well as unique special effects such as transparent paints, sandblast effect and mirror effect.

To find out more about ICA’s Water Based Glass Coating range click here or contact your friendly Mirotone representative today.

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