Problem Solving Guide

Adhesion Loss

Coating peeling from substrate or the previous coat


Coating discoloured


Cloudy haze on top of the coating


Cloudy haze in the coating

Brittleness (linked with lack of adhesion)

Coating chipping or cracking from substrate or previous coat

Bubbling (also called solvent boil or aeration)

Bubbles in the coating


Coating efforvessing like champagne

Cissing (also called cratering or fish eyes)

Coating drawing away in circular fashion from the substrate


White “cob-web” trails being sprayed from the gun

Cracking or Crazing

Coating or substrate cracking or crazing

Dirty or seedy finish

Dirt, dust or overspray in the coating


Substrate or clear coating changing colour

Fat Edge

Ridge of accumulated coating on the edge of the substrate


Separation of the pigment in the dry or liquid coating


Uneven appearance when dry


The dry surface of the coating pulls back resulting in raised ridges that can be seen and felt

Marring of Film

Coating film easily marked

Opacity (poor)

Substrate or previous coats showing through the last coat

Orange Peel

Uneven finish that resembles the skin of an orange

Overspray (also called dry spray)

Dry paint particles that have been sprayed and not formed a smooth film, resulting in a rough sandy feel and appearance

Patchy Colours

Blotchy and uneven stains

Patchy Gloss Levels

High and low gloss spots in the dried coating


Small pinholes visible in the dry coating

Premature degradation of the coating system

Coating cracking, lifting, delaminating etc


Defects in the film after transporting

Sagging (or runs)

Coating moves and runs on vertical surfaces


Separation of coating in the can or pail

Sink Back

Noticeable defects in the dry film

Slow Drying

Coating tacky or wet after the recommended drying time has elapsed

Streaking (in pigmented finishes)

Lines of differing colours in the dried coating

Streaking (in metallic or textured finishes)

Lines of metallic or textured streaks in the dried coating

Thickening (also called bodying)

Coating becomes thicker in the can over time