Stain colour choices can have a huge impact on your homes look and feel – What factors do you need to consider before you stain

Jun 1, 2023 | News

Colour is one of the most important design choices you’ll need to make when decorating your home. Colour can have a large effect on how your home looks and feels. We all know that preparation is the most important part of any project to ensure a great finish. But before you start prepping your project you will need to make sure that you are happy with your colour choice.

The final colour of a stain can vary from the colour chart you used to pick the stain colour from. The wood species will also have a big influence on the look of the final stain. All timber varies in density and absorbency. This means some timbers will absorb more stain than other timbers and the more stain you apply the darker the colour also becomes. After considering the type of timber used for the project you will need consider the timbers texture, size, and shape of the area. This will also affect the final stain colour choice.

It is also important to test your chosen colour on an off-cut (if possible) or an inconspicuous area to ensure that you are happy with the colour choice. If you find the stain appears too light on the timber, you may need to add extra coats to darken the colour. If the stain appears dark (exception -choosing a dark stain colour), you may have applied to much. Most stains will darken as they dry. As a rule, it is best to start with one coat and wait until it dries before adding more coats.

Not all stain finishes are created equal. Transparent finishes allow the underlying timber to have a significant effect on the final colour. While solid colours will hide most of the wood’s character and look more like paint. Look at our stain colour charts to view our range of dye and pigment stains. Learn More.

Here is a quick overview between dye and pigment stains.

MIROSTAIN 2010 Dye Stain Chart: A non-grain raising interior wood stain designed to provide colour with excellent clarity without masking the grain figure or specialty veneer features. Apply by spray or wipe.

MIROSTAIN 2616 Pigment Stain Chart: A high strength pigment stain designed to produce traditional strong stain colours which accentuate the grain. Apply by brush, spray, dip or wipe on and wipe even.

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The application tools also used on the job will also have an impact on the final stain colour. Using a brush, spray gun or wiping the stain will change the depth of the final colour. The amount of stain applied from a brush, cloth or spray gun will vary depending on each user and application method applied. It is best to test your methods before applying the stain on the final project.

The choice of timber stain colour while personal will also need to withstand general wear and tear and environmental factors. Once the stain has been applied you may want to consider applying a protective topcoat. A stain will only provide colour, not timber protection. To protect your stain, Mirotone’s range of single pack clear topcoat can be used. Learn more.