It’s time to get your favourite timber pieces looking great again! We show you how in 4 steps!

Oct 14, 2022 | Uncategorized

Ever wonder how your favourite timber piece received that dreaded scuff or scratch? Unless you watch that article like a hawk, scratches and scuff marks will inevitably appear and can be caused by many activities such as dropped car keys, hot dishes and dreaded water glass marks.

Mirotone knows a thing or two about preventative measures and we are passionate about protecting and beautifying your favourite timber pieces. So how can you prevent, undo water damage and fix nicks and scratches? Try these four handy tips below to minimise the risk.

Preventative Measures that can be taken to avoid scuffs and scratches include:

  1. Avoiding direct sunlight on all internal furniture as fading or discolouration may occur.
  2. Use heat resistant place mats under hot food and coasters for hot and cold beverages to avoid surface damage.
  3. Immediately wipe away/remove alcohol, coffee, wine and spilled chemicals from the surface to avoid seepage into the timber article.
  4. Moisture and furniture do not mix – avoid high humidity areas by ventilating the room. Read more about Water Damage & Timber
  5. Do not use abrasive furniture polishes that contain silicon as they can cause permanent damage to the coating. Mirotone’s SPRAYGLOW is a lightly perfumed, silicone-free furniture polish which has been specifically formulated to clean and protect both lacquered and unlacquered timber articles. SPRAYGLOW is also fully recoatable, which means the existing lacquer finish does not have to be stripped back to allow new lacquers to be applied, as is required when using polishes containing silicone.

Water Marks (rim stains)

  1. Unsightly white marks and rings appear when moisture seeps into the coatings finish from water spills, wet glasses, vases and even hot dishes. Immediately wipe/mop up spills. Use SPRAYGLOW to rejuvenate and revive the wooden surface. If the mark has lingered on the surface a polish and buff may be required or the article may need to be recoated.

Nicks and Scratches on your timber articles

  1. Marks left behind from keys being tossed onto tables or forks being dropped from plates can be combated with the use of SPRAYLAC. SPRAYLAC can be useful in hiding minor surface imperfections. It is an easy to use aerosol, pre-catalysed, solvent-based, durable, clear finish which is ideal for the repair of minor scratches and surface defects on lacquered furniture.
  2. For minor holes – wax sticks are an ideal choice to use to patch up the imperfection. Wax sticks are a non-silicone instant repair timber wax putty sticks that are ideal for the repair of minor scratches and surface defects on furniture.
  3. If the marks are quite indented in the timber furniture and neither SPRAYLAC nor wax sticks will help, your only option may be a re-sand and recoat the timber article.

Furniture Care

To keep your furniture looking in optimal condition for years to come, try following these handy tips. Your furniture will thank you!

  1. Use heat resistance pads or coasters under any food or beverage
  2. Immediately clean all liquid substances from your timber furniture
  3. Do not use harsh or abrasive furniture polishes or cleaners. If in doubt check with the manufacturer. Harsh chemicals within polishes such as silicon can damage the surface coating.
  4. Adequately ventilate furniture located in high moisture areas. (see preventative measures).
  5. Use soft dry clean cloths to prevent any scratches to your wooden articles.
  6. Use SPRAYGLOW to preserve and polish your furniture. For your nearest stockist click here.