How do I know what my Tint Strength is?

Mar 21, 2022 | Uncategorized

Mirotone’s range of dye and pigment stains are suitable for a range of interior timber applications. Easy to use with minimal effort and expertise required, Mirotone’s range of dye stains have different drying speeds available to suit different requirements, and have excellent light stability of dyes and pigments which provide more consistent and fade resistant colours.

Our stain range comes in six primary colours and four tint strengths including:

Primary Colours

  • #5000 Yellow
  • #5067 Orange
  • #7000 Red
  • #7270 Crimson
  • #8000 Blue
  • #9999 Black
Tint Strength

  • TV – Ultra Strong Tints
  • TX – Strong Tints
  • TY – Medium Tints
  • TZ – Light Tints

But, what does tint strength mean? It’s simple. Tint strength refers to how much a colour is altered with the addition of another colour. The strength of the tint is determined by the quality and amount of pigment used in the paint and how fine the pigment has been ground. The higher the color strength, the less pigment is required to achieve a standard depth of shade.

Lucky for you, we have some pretty awesome chemists that spend a great deal of time ensuring the pigments used in our MIROSTAIN Stain Range are suitable for your applications. Here is just a snippet of the process our dedicated chemists look at when measuring the performance of a pigment.

  1. Colour of the pigment: Absorption and reflection
  2. Colour strength: Mixed with another pigment
  3. Particle size
  4. Heat resistance
  5. Light fastness: Resistantance to fading when exposed to light
  6. Weather stability
  7. Insolubility: Transportation, dispersion and reaction
  8. Opacity / hiding power: The ability of the pigment to absorb and scatter light
  9. Transparency: Testing to measure colour difference
  10. Chemical resistance: Pigment reactions with resins, cross linking agents and other additives that may alter performance

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