About Us

Mindful of OH&S and the Environment

As a responsible member of its community, Mirotone strives to be the leading manufacturer of coatings that are the safest for its employees to handle, its customers to apply and the end consumer to use in their specific living or working environment.

Mirotone operates under a “Chemicals of Concern” policy document, endorsed and issued by its Board of Directors, under which every effort is made to avoid formulating with raw materials that are known to be or suspected of being injurious to human health or to the environment.

In line with this guiding philosophy, Mirotone’s research and development is focused upon the development of 100% solids UV cure coatings (solvent free), waterborne stains and coatings, high solids coatings (low solvent content), low formaldehyde coatings and coatings that minimize the use of aromatic solvents.

The company has also put considerable effort into improving production and working conditions. The liquid waste residues from production are sent to specialist recyclers for processing and re-use. Air quality is monitored regularly, to ensure a safer working environment in all manufacturing plants.


Pollution Incident Response Management Plan (PIRMP)
PIRMP – Mirotone Revesby
PIRMP – Mirotone Chipping Norton