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Mirotone Group Divisions

Mirotone Coatings Division

Mirotone’s commitment to being a market leader ensures it has coatings for virtually any application where solid wood, veneer, composite wood and other related substrates such as metal, glass and plastic need to be coated.

Mirotone has a comprehensive range of solvent and water based coatings including wood-fillers, putties, stains, nitrocellulose lacquers, precatalysed lacquers, waterborne lacquers, acid catalysed coatings, polyurethane coatings, polyester coatings and ultraviolet cured (UV) coatings.

Since the 1960’s, when Mirotone introduced precatalysed lacquers and non-grain raising stains, Mirotone has pioneered a number of wood coating technologies within Australia. It secured its leadership with initiatives in the industrial application of  ultraviolet-cured (UV) clear and pigmented coatings onto structural wood panel doors, furniture and partitioning. As the market leader in UV technology in Australia, Mirotone has developed coatings for industries ranging from engineered flooring, window furnishings, building components and overprint varnishes and adhesives for print and packaging.

Mirotone maintains its tradition of success by continuing its research into novel and breakthrough technologies that solve problems and are more cost effective for its customers, ensuring a successful future for both.

Polycure – Floor Coatings Division

Polycure, a division of the Mirotone Group, is a specialist coatings company marketing Australian-developed coating technology for in-situ application to timber floors. Its core coating range includes moisture cure polyurethanes, two-pack polyurethanes, fast dry solvent based sealers, oil finishes and water based floor coatings.

Polycure understands the need to maintain and enhance the appearance of timber flooring and thus has a comprehensive range of maintenance products.

Quantum Timber Finishes

Quantum Timber Finishes, a division of the Mirotone group, is a coatings company that specialises in bio based conditioners and finishes. Over 20 years of dedication to ecologically sustainable products has resulted in a wood care product range that is formulated from vegetable derived resonated oils, sourced entirely from renewable resources (not a petrochemical base). The range has minimal VOC’s which makes them safer for both users and the environment.

Quantum’s range of well-regarded interior, exterior, decking and floor coatings are well aligned with Mirotone’s product range and enhance the offering of a complete coating solution.

Print and Packaging Division

Mirotone has a range of UV and waterborne overprint varnishes specifically developed for the printing industry.