Why is it so important to prepare a test area prior to colour application?

Why is it so important to prepare a test area prior to colour application?

We all know that preparation is the most important part of any project to ensure a uniform finish.

But did you know before you begin to prepare or even begin to stain your timber pieces you should always check that you are happy with your stain colour choice?

The final colour of a stain will often vary from the colour chart you have picked the colour from, as the timber substrate has a big influence on the final effect. All wood varies in density and absorbency. This means some timber will absorb more of a stain than other types of timbers. It is also important to remember that the lighter the stain colour, the more it will be affected by the colour of the timber.

Begin by testing your chosen stain colour on an off-cut (if possible) or an inconspicuous area to ensure that you are happy with your colour choice. If you find your stain is to light on the timber, you will know that your will need to add extra coats to darken the timber. Most stains will darken as they dry – so it is best to always start with one coat, or you may find that your timber piece may end up darker than expected!

Remember: Not all finishes are created equal. Transparent finishes allow the underlying timber to have a significant effect on the final colour. Solid colours on the other and will hide most of wood’s character and look more like a paint. It is also worth mentioning that applying a stain with a brush versus spraying or wiping can also change the final colour of the timber. This is due to the amount of stain colour applied from the brush, cloth or spray gun.

For more information on stain colour choices have a look at our news article Creating Customised MIROSTAIN Colours. Or, contact your friendly Mirotone Technical Services.

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