Creating customised MIROSTAIN Stain Colour

Creating customised MIROSTAIN Stain Colour

Creating customised stain colours is not difficult – basically it takes enthusiasm, an eye for colour and a bit of practice.

Mirotone’s range of dye and pigment stains are ready for use and ideal for domestic furniture, internal doors and children’s toys and furniture. Easy to use with minimal effort and expertise required, MIROSTAIN’S range of dye stains have different drying speeds available to suit different requirements, and have excellent light stability of dyes and pigments which provide more consistent and fade resistant colours.

The stain range comes in 6 primary colours and four tint strengths including:

Colour Custom matched order
Primary Colours
Tint strength TV – Ultra Strong Tints #5000 yellow #7270 Crimson
TX – Strong Tints #5067 Orange #8000 Blue
TY – Medium Tints #7000 Red #9999 Black
TZ – Light Tints

These primary colours can be used as is or to create custom colour matches by our expert colour services department.

Many people request colour matched MIROSTAIN colours for various projects. However, some colours are created for customers who wish to own a unique colour that cannot be easily replicated by others.

So how do our colour services match/create your stain colours?

The principal requirement is a good source of natural light to compare MIROSTAIN colours on the substrate sample. Other requirements include:

Supply of the timber substrate used in the project,

Measuring jugs or beakers,

Colour formulation records,

Retained colour samples &

Colour concentrates.

Depending on the application method (spray, dipping or wiping), MIROSTAIN colours are created by the same method which will be used in full scale production by the customer. It is important to remember that colours may vary depending upon the application method (spray, dipping or wiping), plus the time lapse between application and final wiping off. Spray application may leave a darker colour than wiping. It is also important to note that colours may vary depending upon the substrate being either solid timber or timber veneer. Timber articles made from both solid and veneered timber may show a variation in colour due to differing levels of penetration into the substrate.

Click on the links below to see where some of our colour matched stains have been used:

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Melbourne Central                                                                  The Shrine of Remembrance

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