Is black the new white in kitchen designs?

Is black the new white in kitchen designs?

It is estimated that somewhere between 80-90% of kitchens built in the past few years are white-on-white with touches of colour to create subtle effects on the senses.

And, why not? White is a safe colour, it doesn’t date, and most people generally prefer a white kitchen that they can add their own touches to. But, have you thought of having a black kitchen?

The past couple of years have seen renovation shows continually pushing the boundaries with innovative and unique kitchen designs and colours that many would say “looks great, but how would that work in my home”?

Designing the perfect colour combination and style for your kitchen will usually result in a marathon session of internet searching for inspiration, but you need to ask yourself the following questions before you dive in:

  1. What is the style of your home?
  2. How much natural light does your home have?
  3. What type of layout do you want for your space? and
  4. Most importantly your budget!

Once you answer the above questions you can look at the possibilities of incorporating or completely designing a black kitchen. Many people shun the idea of a black kitchen as claustrophobic, small or too dark, but architect Evelyn McNamara from Evelyn McNamara Architecture and Fabulous Kitchens have achieved this using Mirotone coatings to create a dramatic kitchen that was TIDA’s 2016 award winning design.

Evelyn was able to mix minimalism, warmth and texture to create a dramatic contemporary space that became the focal point of the room.

If the idea of a completely black kitchen still doesn’t appeal, many are opting for a mixture of designs. Upper and lower cabinets in different finishes, colours and materials.

Mixing timber, metal and colour can also be used to showcase a unique kitchen. Black and white colour cabinetry combinations are classic colours that will stand the test of time. Timber finishes provide a textural element and give the space a warming edge. Metal fixtures on the other hand provide an eye catching element with clean lines that instantly transform your room.

Use Mirotone’s project specification tool to find a specification suitable for your your project.

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